Finding More Time to Do What You Love

It may be as easy as learning to say no to what you don’t love and don’t have to do. Of course, this requires recognizing which things we don’t actually have to do even though we might feel some twinges of guilt in letting them go.

For those who struggle with this (that is, most of us), blogger and simple living advocate Tammy Stobel offers some excellent guidance on how to decide what you can indeed say “no” to and how to do so gracefully. Click here to check out her advice.

Useful guidance? Any tips you’d offer that she leaves out?

One thought on “Finding More Time to Do What You Love”

  1. Jessica74

    This really hit close to home for me! I have a hard time saying no and find myself feeling guilty when I do. I will commit to something and then as the date/event approaches I will find myself asking “what I was thinking?” I’ve been trying to overcome this for some time now and I do think I’m making progress. When I’m unsure whether I want to commit to a project or activity, I do take more time to give it plenty of thought before making my decision. As Tammy mentions, if it is not something you are passionate about then you probably won’t do your best……….and therefore you aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any favors by saying “yes”.

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