When one small step equals one giant leap

The ideas in David Allen’s book on productivity, Getting Things Done, struck a chord with many readers who had struggled with other methods of organization, myself included.

A big “aha moment” for me occurred when he suggested that instead of listing entire projects on one’s to-do list, instead list the next action steps to be taken. Thus, “plan banquet” might be replaced with “call to check on room availability.” Where “plan banquet” can seem somewhat overwhelming and thus hard to handle, making a phone call is a contained step that can be taken care of and checked off the list. And, importantly, small steps are far less daunting and we’re more likely to act on them.

This recent post on the Magic Words blog
is a great reminder that taking a first small step on a big project can propel us forward in a way that changes everything. What big challenge on your plate could benefit from a first small step?