Fun, Food, and Friends

In a post last week we talked about the serious side of our Certified Public Manager program, the very tangible way participants connect their experience in the course to their workplaces through their capstone projects.

But CPM participants spend a lot of time together. A lot. Two to three days a month for a year. So while we’re all about the important learning and tangible benefits that flow from the time spent in CPM, we encourage a lot of fun, too. Because it’s in the fun that relationships develop, and the relationships matter as much as the content.

We hope folks will remember and draw on some of the tools from the Emotional Intelligence sessions, for example, to see them through the challenging issues they’ll face as managers. But if they can pull up someone in their contact list who they can turn to in those moments, someone they met through CPM, we consider that to be an equal success.

We’re pretty sure that Yolanda, Larry and Emily–from the General Services Administration, the City of Overland Park, and the City of Olathe, respectively–wouldn’t have foreseen this particular outing (to celebrate Larry’s birthday) as part of the CPM experience when they signed up. It’s amazing what can happen in a few short months.

Are there any fun workplace traditions that have fallen by the wayside in this very challenging year? Perhaps now would be a great time to resurrect one of them to put a bit of spark back into things.