Reflections from Emerging Leaders Academy Graduate: Beth Benfield

Beth Benfield, graduate from the ELA program, with PMC Director Laura Howard, and ELA Program Manager Noel Rasor

Beth Benfield, graduate from the Emerging Leaders Academy, with PMC Director Laura Howard, and ELA Director Noel Rasor

Comments Delivered by College of Professional School Shared Service Center (CPS SSC) Grant Coordinator, Beth Benfield, University of Kansas

On January 11th, 2017

I can’t tell you exactly what happened in the five months, almost five months, worth of class and the connections we built.  I can’t talk directly about everybody in the class and what they contributed but hopefully this will give you a good idea of what went on with us.

The Emerging Leaders Academy brought together an assortment of personalities from diverse employers.  Although each one of us had a different reason for attending along with different expectations, we all shared the desire to improve our leadership.

From day one bonds started to form and we were made to feel at ease.  Remarkable what a little humor and honestly can do, so thank you Gary for breaking the ice and setting the stage.

Whether we struggled or exceled during our sessions, ELA cultivated a learning atmosphere covering old and new topics.  Along the way our perspectives changed, values were solidified, meanings explored and ideas communicated.  Strengths, abilities and accomplishments were shared while being celebrated with jazz hands and hoorays.

ELA has laid a foundation, provided tools and will remain a resource.  We will continue developing our leadership in current and future endeavors.  I for one will miss spending time with such an awesome group of participants and instructors.  Thank you for the opportunities and memories.