Own it!

The current fiscal crisis has created a lot of challenges in the workplace. But this brings with it a lot of opportunity for innovation.

Have an idea to streamline a process? You’ll likely find a pretty receptive audience.

So make the most of that by writing up your proposal with clarity. Save your readers the time of wading through the clutter of unnecessary words, and let your idea shine. Own it.

Addressing this issue in his always insightful blog, business writing guru Kenneth W. Davis suggested recently that we try “kicking the props away” in our writing and offers this gem from Patricia T. O’Connor and Stewart Kellerman and their book about online writing:

“Some puffed-up writers use long words, techie talk, trendy terms, and convoluted sentences to cover up or deceive or sound important or go along with the crowd. Most people who inflate their writing, though, are simply insecure, often for no good reason. They don’t feel their ideas are strong enough, and they prop them up with elaborate language.

If your ideas are any good, they can stand on their own. So kick away those unnecessary props. All they do is turn a strong writer into a wuss.”

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