The Need for Artisans in the Workplace

With the current transition in state government, there’s quite a bit of upheaval in some public agencies and a good bit of reorganization of structure and/or priorities and focus going on in others. Meanwhile, local governments and nonprofits are standing by to see what the year will bring for them, both in terms of state policy and tax revenues.

It’s a rather hectic time.

But it’s most certainly a moment of opportunity for news ways of addressing old challenges to emerge. We need new ideas, new designs and new ways of serving the people who are at the center of what we do. We need to get off the assembly line and once again become artisans.

Seth Godin put it this way yesterday:

“Perhaps we’re entering a new age of craftsmanship, one where we can see craft in the way a new business is devised, a sale is made or a website is coded. A craftsperson might be particularly talented and connected in the way she deals with clients, or be able to meet deadlines with alacrity.

“Just because it’s not in a crafts fair doesn’t mean it didn’t demand craft.”

What shifts for you if you think of your work as craft?