15 Ways Leadership Training Is Like Getting to the Super Bowl

Our staff had a great time thinking these up! You’re welcome to add to them in the comment section.

1. You get better with practice and coaching.
2. You have to study the films (read and discuss leadership, watch TED talks).
3. You can study all the films in the world, but eventually you have to put feet to the ground and flex your (leadership skill) muscles.
4. Great quarterbacks are only as a good as their team.
5. Great success comes from every player doing his/her job.
6. It takes a franchise to make it to the playoffs.
7. Sometimes you have to go for it on 4th down if you want to win.
8. Make the catch before you start to run up field.
9. Filter out the crowd noise and execute the plan.
10. No-huddle offense tires out the defense…and the offense.
11. A mouth piece is essential.
12. Realize you’re only one part of the show. (Are you a commercial or the game?)
13. Always leading with your head can result in chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
14. Never expect a Gatorade/Powerade bath but savor it if it comes.
15. Play the game you’re best at playing.

Sometimes during leadership training they make you stretch to get you limber and ready for action.

Your turn! Who’s got something for the theme regarding a blitz and a Hail Mary pass? Leave us your thoughts in a reply.