Why Enroll in the Kansas Certified Public Manager® Program?

Terri Callahan, Director of the Kansas Certified Public Manager® Program, was recently asked the following questions: What do you feel are the main reasons that people should enroll in the CPM program? What are the main benefits to them? To their agency?

“To me, the Kansas Certified Public Manager (CPM) program is all about participants gaining leadership and managerial competencies. This includes the confidence to lead organizations in new directions, empower their employees, and engage their employees in the vision of the organization. I want CPM participants to build a culture in their organization that motivates and develops employees.

Organizations need to take on the task and focus of building highly-trained dedicated leaders and managers. It is a sad truth that more people leave their “bosses” than their jobs. Well-trained leaders, and even leadership teams, are needed for organizations to be progressive, creative, and innovative. Creativity and innovation will not happen if employees are not motivated and instead suffer under poor leadership.

In sending leaders and managers to CPM, organizations directly benefit from the CPM Capstone Project since the goal of each project is to generate process improvement, cost-savings, or innovative ideas.”

If you’re a CPM graduate or a current student, what were the reasons you chose to enroll? If you are a supervisor of a CPM graduate or student, what were the reasons that you encouraged your employee to attend? What benefit(s) did you or your agency gain?

One thought on “Why Enroll in the Kansas Certified Public Manager® Program?”

  1. MichaelSRoss

    The CPM program provides a broad foundation for public service managers. It provides an opportunity to share experiences with other managers from different parts of the public service community, and it provides education in the core competencies that managers should possess.

    Its a gateway to the Masters in Public Administration program at KU.

    Overland Park has enjoyed the benefits of the CPM program, and all of our graduates felt the experience was beneficial for them and for the City.

    The instructors for the program are passionate about their subjects, and are able to convey that passion to their students.

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