Top 5 CPM capstone projects of 2009 to be highlighted

It’s a fun day of preparation and anticipation around the Public Management Center as we get ready for the annual Certified Public Manager networking conference tomorrow and Wednesday!

As always, the highlight will be the session where this year’s students get to hear about the top capstone projects from last year. Each participant in CPM completes a capstone project where they identify a plan for process improvement, cost savings, or revenue generation for their agency.

Last year’s top five capstones were:

* Steve Hewitt, City Manager, Greensburg, KS: “Rebuilding Greensburg’s Economy”
* Katie Howard, “Department of Agriculture, and Steve Zink, Department of Labor: “Inspections for Stationary Anhydrous Containers for Agricultural Use”
* Tanner Lucas, City of Garden City: “Integrating Social Media Technologies into City of Garden City Communication Plan”
* Gabe Ramirez, Southwest Medical Center, Liberal: “Implementation and Evaluation of the Outreach Clinical Laboratory Services at Southwest Medical Center”
* Sunni Zentner, Department of Administration: “Paycheck Modeling Tool for State of Kansas Employees”

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