Reflections from Kansas Certified Public Manager Graduate: Daniel Cecil

Comments Delivered by Daniel Cecil, Assistant Director of Public Building & Grounds, City of Dodge City Parks.

On December 2, 2016

Daniel Cecil, graduate from the Hays CPM cohort, with PMC Director Laura Howard, University of Kansas Provost Neeli Bendapudi, and CPM Program Manager Terri Callahan.

Daniel Cecil, graduate speaker from the Hays Certified Public Manager cohort, with KU Public Management Center Director Laura Howard, University of Kansas Provost Neeli Bendapudi, and Certified Public Management Program Manager Terri Callahan.

Good Morning,

Thank you for attending the 2016 Kansas Certified Public Manager Program graduation Ceremony. I am Daniel Cecil from Dodge City and member of the Hays Cohort.

Back in January, when we first met as a class in Hays, there were many people who came from many walks of life, brought together by this class to improve themselves, their careers and the organizations they worked for and represented. We knew nothing or very little about one another so everyone was on their best behavior, ready to listen and learn about the expectations and course material Terri was about to send our way.

As the months went by, we went from a room full of strangers to friends that came together once a month for 2 days to talk, discuss and debate topics ranging from budgets and planning to managing projects and building relationships. We shared stories about work experiences and asked one another for advice and opinions on the tough questions we faced on the job. It was nice to know other people in the workforce were facing some of the same issues as myself and had positive feedback as well as solutions!

Even when we weren’t in class, many good memories were made. Group lunch was a regular occurrence in Hays with the help of the local class members providing their culinary expertise when we needed a restaurant to go to. We traveled to the City of Russell to watch the movie Seabiscuit on their big screen that was generously offered to us as an option. Setting on the rooftop patio at the Oread during the collaboration conference telling jokes and stories will be something I won’t soon forget.

Today as we gather for the last time as the 2016 class, I would like to thank Terri and all of the instructors for their time and dedication to the program to make it what it is, the best. The program is challenging yet rewarding. The capstone project provides an opportunity to improve on a work situation the individual has identified as an issue and the individual development plan allows people to continuously improve in both their work and personal lives. These projects along with the people and memories have made Certified Public Manager 2016 something to remember.

I believe that everyone who takes this class and fully invests themselves in learning and engaging will come away with a quality experience.


Thank you.