Reflections from Certified Public Manager Program Graduate: Scott Conklin

Good Morning fellow CPMers, family, friends and factually and a special Good Morning to Charles, Teri, Jonathan and Noel.

When Terri reached out and asked me if I would say a few words on behalf of my class, I thought really…..I did my three minute and 10 minute presentations-I should be done. I remembered how some of my classmates expressed how much they disliked public speaking (I believe they used the word “Feared” speaking.) So, I thought taking one for the class seemed right.

Having said that, I have to tell you everyone in my class did a great job. I attribute their success and all our successes in the program to both the CPM Staff and my classmates. We created a safe environment to learn and grow two days a week for the last year. It was so safe Fireman, Police, Engineers, City Managers, Human Resource personnel, Project Managers, Department Managers and IT folks felt comfortable building helicopters with Lego’s, playing with flying monkeys and creating over 60 objects with a white hand towel. That in itself was a huge accomplishment.

I know Terri, you asked me to talk about lessons learned…..Here it goes, from a broad perspective we learned how to better anticipate, identify, approach and manage personnel and budget issues within our organizations. We have a better understanding of how much diversity is tied to success and that was especially evident in our class.

I also believe we possess a better appreciation of the struggles we face as public employees with doing more with less. Most importantly, I think we learned that the State of Kansas could not ask for a more dedicated, caring and committed group of Public Employees then those we had in the class in the seats and those teaching up front.

Thank you again Charles, Terri, Jonathan and Noel. We will all leave more prepared to be better managers, friends and family members from this experience