What’s your Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) story?

ELA GraduationWe routinely receive emails from our ELA graduates telling us their exciting news – promotions, new addition(s) to their family, moving to a different state for a better job fit, etc. Here’s just one example:

“Hi Noel, I have a success story for you!

As you may remember from my time in ELA, I was interested in promoting within the police department. I became eligible after five years of service and put in for promotion, with 39 other people. The promotion process includes looking at seniority, education, a written test score, and an interview.

I am third on the list for Sergeant and first on the list for Corporal! I anticipate being promoted to Corporal next month and then I am really hoping a few months later I will be promoted again to Sergeant. Very exciting!

Emerging Leaders Academy was a great help. Not only did it look good on my resume to have this class listed, but I was able to speak it in my interview. I could tell they were impressed that I attended the training, especially one that was six months long. I was able to speak comfortably on many leadership/supervision topics and I attribute some of that to your class.

Thank you! I appreciate your guidance and support.

Six months later, we received this news:

“Hello! I was promoted to Sergeant a couple of months ago! It has gone very well, and I continue to learn every day. I am hoping in the next couple of years that I can attend the Certified Public Manager (CPM) course. I will stay in touch with you guys so I can set that up.”

Did you attend ELA? What’s your story? Have you found a particular piece of ELA to be helpful in your job? Click here to comment