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Reflections from Emerging Leaders Academy Graduate: Katie Whisman

Comments Delivered By Katie Whisman, Kansas Bureau of Investigation
On January 15, 2015

Good afternoon,

I’d like to offer a sincere thank you to each of you in the audience. Whether family members, peers, coworkers, supervisors, or professional mentors, you have had a profound impact on each of us before you today. For your support, we are grateful. To those of you from our respective agencies that were directly involved in the decision to support our attendance at the Emerging Leaders Academy, we owe a special debt of gratitude.

The Emerging Leaders Academy has been a unique and formative experience that has allowed us to explore ourselves, not only as people but as professionals in public service. That exploration was the result of targeted topics presented over the course of ten weeks, with speakers and coaches from various disciplines in the public sector. And although the focus has been on developing leadership skills, these skills have a much broader impact on us as individuals.

We’ve learned how to better communicate and how to listen; which tasks leave us feeling strong and energized, and which leave us feeling depleted; and how to pair our strengths and weaknesses with those of our peers for the betterment of our teams. Additionally, we participated in a professional mentorship, assembled a portfolio, and learned about the power of attitude, developing networking skills, and managing conflict.

Above all, we’ve been challenged to identify our career goals and take an active role in achieving them. For some, the result has been the dose of fortitude needed to explore other career paths or opportunities. Several others were inspired to continue their formal educations or renew technical or professional certifications. And two of us received promotions that we may not have had the courage to otherwise explore. Each of us has been enriched by the ELA experience and influenced in immeasurable ways.

Thank you, Director Howard, for your support and participation.

And to our facilitator, Noel, who drove interactive group discussions, pushed us to engage in deep personal thought, and encouraged us to consider others’ perspectives in a new way, a most sincere and heartfelt thank you. You ma’am are a true Multiplier.