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CPM Student Profile: Katie Southworth

We’d like to introduce you to one of the CPM 2014 students: Katie Southworth

Bio: Katie Southworth, Zoo Supervisor for the Ralph Mitchell Zoo in Independence, Kansas, graduated from Friends University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Zoo Science in 2008. That same year she got married in September, moved to Independence, and in December was hired on with the park and zoo. In 2012, Katie was promoted to supervisor. Along with her full time job, she also teaches clarinet lessons at Independence Community College, plays with their band, and plays in the summer community band. She also spends a lot of time involved with activities with he church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

About the CPM Program, in Katie’s words: I was blessed to have a wonderful boss who saw the potential I had to be a great supervisor, and she recommended me for the class. I knew it would only make me better, and I was excited to work on my leadership skills. Going into the class, I was hoping to learn more techniques for teaching and coaching employees through conflicts and how to better deal with discipline issues.

One of my favorite quotes from class came from the book, “Orbiting the Giant Hairball.” It says, “Courage, courage to cross boundaries. And, if we are to grow, explore we must.” The CPM program has helped me to push past my boundaries to become more confident in my professional career, and it has also helped me grow personally.

I would recommend this class to others, since the skills learned will make any supervisor’s job easier; but more importantly, the people you meet and become friends with will the the greatest influences on how you are as a person.

Capstone Project Title: Education Program for the Ralph Mitchell Zoo

Capstone Project Synopsis:
What benefits do you hope to achieve by engaging in this project? Or is your primary purpose personal enrichment or professional skill? The main goal in creating an education program for the Ralph Mitchell Zoo is to provide opportunities to the public to learn more about the animals they love to watch. Our hope for the future education program is that it will bring more people from the surrounding communities to the zoo. We want to add a few programs with the desire that they will be ongoing and self-sustaining with the potential of added revenue for the zoo.

The other side of the education program is to create more educational opportunities for the park and zoo employees. Industry standards and best practices are continually evolving in the field of zoo-keeping and caring for animals. It is imperative that we provide keepers with opportunities to continue their education to maintain the best care possible to the animals in our charge.